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Tap into our graphic design services to build a beautiful visual brand online.


Use video to tell your story or share your expertise with the people who need you most.

real-time social media

Show real-time behind the scenes content, speaking events, and testimonials, on social media.

No more staying up wide-eyed until the wee hours of the morning trying to Google your way to an unforgettable visual speaker brand.

If you are ready to be taken seriously as a speaker and land more paid speaking gigs, it’s time put a professional touch on your brand so you don’t have to stay frustrated creating graphics, videos, and social media content by yourself.

There's no question about it.

You know how to effortlessly work a crowd. You have impeccable style. When you open your mouth to speak, people can't help but to pay attention.

Too bad your visual brand tells a different story. (Yikes!)

There are more than 500,000 speakers worldwide and chances are, you are not the only option when it's time for event planners to figure out who will grace the stage. Speakers are entering and elevating in the market everyday; how do you make sure your message isn't being overshadowed by better speaker reels, social media campaigns, or speaker-one sheets?

The bottom line is that you need a bold and custom visual brand strategy to keep you at the top of mind for your target audience and event planners before, during, and after you are on the stage.

Why? When you're not dropping the mic or receiving standing ovations, your visual brand presence should consistently sell who you are, what you do, who you help, and why you do it.

Strong photos, graphics, videos, and social media content positions you as a real expert and can help lead you to your next paid speaking engagement, book sale, mastermind student, or coaching client.

Without the skill or time to create a strong visual brand, you risk blending in with other speakers, getting overlooked by event planners, confusing audiences if your brand identity lacks clarity, or even raising eyebrows about your credibility because your visuals don't truly represent what you bring to the table.

A great speaker realizes that speaking is a business and with any business, an investment is necessary to grow.

Invest in creating a dynamic visual speaker brand so you can say goodbye to trying to do it all by yourself. Be proud of how far you've come, but be committed to enhancing the quality of your visual brand. Now is not the time to to take shortcuts or de-prioritize your visuals. Level up to impact and reach the people who are ready hear and embrace the power of your message.

 Are you ready to get more speaking opportunities?

Allow Speakerazzi to adopt your branding headaches while you focus on doing what you do best: rocking the stage. The most successful speakers understand that outsourcing their visual branding will free up time so they can focus on their content, delivery, products, and sales funnel. After all, you're a speaker. Not a professional Googler.

About the Founder


Hi, I'm Whitney!

I am a Visual Branding Strategist and Real-Time Social Media Expert who partners with authors, coaches, professional speakers, and organizations to create a buzz-worthy presence through distinctive graphic design, videography, website design, and real-time social media content.

After spending nearly a decade working in marketing and communications, I've learned how how to tap into the emotions of an audience to tell stories that compel people to action. I am an early adopter of new platforms and use strategies to help you become a force to be reckoned with through digital branding strategy and execution.

I am committed to helping you leverage and maximize your brand image and online presence to deliver value and shine. If you want to learn the power of blending a dynamic visual brand and live social media strategy, contact me, I'd love to chat!

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